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Football Ratings

Welcome to Football Ratings, the home of live reliable data for the inplay you need. The site packs tons of helpful features and we felt like it needed one place to explain everything, so here it is!

Inplay Table

Our inplay table can be accessed from the 'Inplay Matches' page in our navigation. This table contains a list of matches which are live inplay right now along with all their stats you need to see.

Inplay Filters

We know that picking through a multitude of columns for every stat we offer just to find how many attacks one team has can be a headache so we introduced filtering early on in our sites development. Filters can be accessed by using the 'Customise Inplay View' button on our main 'Inplay Matches' page. Simply click a filter to toggle it on or off, or click+drag one to reorder your table!

Site Settings

We offer some additional settings to our inplay table which can be accessed by clicking the 'Site Settings' button on our main page. Within this section we have two options; 'Stat Movement Highlighting' and 'Maintain Match Positions'.

Stat Movement Highlighting is a great way to see the movement of a match. With this feature enabled, a cell will quickly flash if a stat has changed and the updated stat will display in a highlighted colour to stand out from the crowd of numbers surrounding it.

Maintain Match Positions prevents matches from jumping around when their time updates. Here's how it works; if you have an inplay table with 4 matches consisting of 3mins, 5mins, 5mins and 10mins inplay time, if the bottom-most 5min match updates to 6mins then its row will move above the other 5min match. This can get confusing in large lists of matches when there are 10+ matches with the same time as they often move around and it makes it difficult to follow one particular match. With Maintain Match Positions enabled however, matches will not jump around and instead simply appear out of time order occasionally.

Inplay Rules

Inplay Rules is one of our biggest features and can really pack a punch for your trading strategies. With our rules you are able to create systems on our site and add your statistic/rule requirements. Then, with one or more rule sets enabled, your inplay table will only show you matches which qualify against your rules - the traders dream!

Site & Info Feedback

We are always listening to feedback for the site so if you have any suggestions or ideas, or if you feel like something is missing from this information page, then please let us know and we will see what we can do!

Happy Trading!

Inplay Rules

Inplay Rules are a great addition to Football Ratings which was released in weekly update #4. This feature allows you to setup your very own rule sets and rules in order to determine which matches you see and which matches you don't.

Setting Up

The inplay rules panel is made up of three sections; the left section for rule sets, the middle section for rules, and the right section for creating new rules.

To set up a new set of rules, first you need to create a new rule set. To do this simply type a name for your new set in to the textbox and then press the enter key, this will create a new rule set for you and add it to your rule sets list in the box above the textbox. This list allows you to see all of the rule sets you have created and toggle/delete them.

Next, with a rule set selected (click one to select it, selected rule sets turn red) click the enable button above the rule sets list to enable it. Enabled rule sets are green when not selected. Selected rule sets and rules can be clicked again to deselect them.

So now you have an empty but active rule set, great! We need one more thing to make this work though, rules! With a rule set selected (whether it's active or not) you can now use the create rule panel on the right hand side of the page. Simply select the stat you want to create a rule for (perhaps the inplay 'Time' of the match?), then select the mathematical operator you want to use (let's go with 'Greater Than >' for this example), then enter your required value and give the rule any name you click. With all this information entered, you will have a rule created within your selected rule set.

In the example above we will now have one active rule set which has one rule in it to only show us matches which have an inplay match time of over 10 minutes. You can now select the rule and click the delete button, if you ever need to.

Important Notes

Some important notes; You can create as many rule sets as you like, and have as many of them active as you like. A match which meets ALL the rules for ANY active rule set will be shown on your inplay table - this means that if you have an active rule set with one rule which states 'Time > 0' and another active rule set with one rule which states 'Home Attack >= 30' you will still see all matches as they all have an inplay time of over 0 minutes. You can have as many rules in a rule set as you like, but if they conflict you may not see any matches.

Temporarily if you want to use a 'Half' rule you must enter a value of 0 if you want to refer to first half matches, or a value of 1 if you want to refer to second half matches.