Football Ratings

Live, reliable data for the inplay you need.

Football Ratings

Live, reliable data for the inplay you need.

Football Ratings provides over 20 different live and reliable statistics for hundreds of inplay matches, giving you all the trading power you need.

What We Offer

Inplay Table

With near real-time stats spanning up to hundreds of available matches all at once, the data really is in your hands.

Filters, Many Filters

Over 20 different fully customisable filters gives you the true edge over the markets.

Feedback & Keeping You In The Loop

We find every piece of feedback invaluable and love to hear abouts things we could improve.

API Beta Access

For those of you who have some coding knowledge or experience in creating automated systems, we have a free private API beta currently ongoing! Sign up for membership and send us a message to get started.

Free PDF Guide

We offer a free PDF download to our members which gives a bit more information about us and offers a guide on how to use our website to it's best ability. There are 7 pages full of information, and even different methods we'd recommend when it comes to using our data for trading.

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You do not require a credit/debit card to start your free trial. Your subscription will only be charged once your 7 day free trial has finished. Subscriptions renew monthly automatically and can be cancelled at any time, even during the free trial.